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Cat Fountain


A healthy cat is a happy cat, and when it comes to keeping your cat healthy, you need to provide your furry little pet with clean water. This adorable cat fountain is perfect for your cats drinking water needs.

Cooler Bowl


Does your dog fuss is his meal is too hot? Does your dog prefer to drink cool refreshing water in summer month? Then the All for Paws Chill-out Cooler Bowl is just what your furry friend needs. This gel-based cooling dog bowl is the best way to keep your dog cool on hot summer days.

Duo Stream Automatic Water Dispenser

1 Ltr
3 Ltr

Animals love the taste of fresh water and many of our pet friends would rather go thirsty than drink water from a bowl that has being lying around. The Duo Stream Automatic Water Dispenser s the perfect solution to you and your pet’s water woes. It is silent and continuously filters water to keep it fresh and odour free all day long.

Garden Fountain (with Compression Release Function)


Make summer fun time for your furry friend. The Chill Out Garden Fountain by All for Paws is a clever contraption that can be connected to your regular garden hose. When attached, your beloved dog can push down the pedal and the water will spurt from the fountain.

Ice Track & Thirst Cruncher Ice Balls


Looking for fun way to cool your pet during hot summer months? Then the All for Paws Ice Track and Thirst Cruncher is the perfect toy for your furry friend. Simply make some ice balls using the moulds that come with the toy, and let your pet chase the ice ball around a uniquely designed track. Cool fun for summer months!