Pet Care

Things to keep in mind when adding a furry member to your family

Congratulations! By bringing home a four-legged being, you’ve unlocked a decade of fun, laughter and warm cuddles. But excitement aside, every first time pet parent that brings home a puppy has the same question: “Okay, now what?” The way the first 48 to 72 hours pan out are very important building blocks and here are some things that you can get prepared with.

The basic prep

A few basic things to keep ready right from the start is the food and water bowls, a bed, a leash and collar, some toys and tons of treats. The treats are especially important because of all the training you’re going to be doing from the moment you bring them home. It would even help to get a baby gate in case you want to restrict access to a particular part of the house. Pet-proofing the house is another important step before bringing a pet home. While you know what is precious to you, your pet will not, and in their excitement, they will most certainly knock it down! If the new member of your family is not potty-trained, you should also stock up on pee pads or diapers to avoid accidents in the house until you train them to go outside.

The day they come home

The day you go to pick up your pet from their current home is going to involve travel. You should consider using a travel crate, and should have a collar and leash handy. Fill the crate with a towel or any item of clothing that has your scent as well as the scent of their mother. This will help your lil one feel more comfortable and will reduce any possibility of anxiety. Also, put in a toy and a treat or two in the crate to make them treat it like a happy place. Drive home slowly to ensure they do not feel sick – Rash driving could cause dizziness and induce a fear of motion.

When you reach home, if possible, wait until they have urinated outside the house and celebrate this moment with a treat. Remember that young pets do not have control over their excretory system or sphincters, and may pee or poo out of excitement.

Sit on the floor of your home along with your new furry friend as they take in their new environment. Allow them to sniff around the corners of your house. This will help them get familiar with their surroundings. After 20 or 30 minutes of playing and after every meal, take them outside and once they’ve had a go, give them a treat. If your pet pees within the house, say no firmly and wipe it up, but don’t resort to any punishment.

Lifetime tips

The idea of bringing home a pet and actually living with one are vastly different. Your pet needs to get accustomed to the family and every member must be clear on their responsibilities towards the pet. Who is responsible for feeding, who is responsible for grooming and who is in charge of the evening walk, all of this should be discussed clearly and responsibilities should be shared. Every member must know what is good and not good for the newest family member, or what to do in case of an emergency.

Create a specific area that your pet can go to when they need to be alone. Make sure they are comfortable with this space and that everyone is well aware not to enter their space when they are resting there.

Bringing home a new pet can be exciting but the adjustment period is very crucial. Ensure you give your pet treats for every time they do well in their new surroundings. Be firm but patient when they make a mistake. Different breeds have different needs and temperaments, so make sure you check with your vet for specific requirements.

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Here’s to a lifetime of love and happiness for you and your four-legged darling, who’ll soon become the centre of your universe.